Littlewood Ireland Blog Awards #LWIBloggies2016 @BlogAwardsIE

I’m delighted to announce that our blog has been shortlisted in the Arts & Culture (Corporate) Blog category in the 2016 Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards!  Everyone here in Ballyroan Library is well excited. Not only that but my colleague Mark, has had his blog Ballyroan Reads has been nominated too.

You can view the full Corporate Shortlist here.

So 80% of the competition is judged and 20% of it is reliant on public votes! And the public vote is only open for one week (17th Aug – 23rd Aug 2016).

Public Voting opens today, and I’d love if you could take a moment to vote for us!


Vote Here!

PS. If you’d like to know more about the other blogs I mentioned, the Balyroan Reads, (, you can also vote for it here (and yes, weirdly, we are in DIRECT COMPETITION with each other, but as long as one of us wins, we’ll be happy).
My personal blog, Real Tasty Pages, ( is up for voting in the Personal Blogs category, and if you feel like giving me an oul vote, I’d be very happy. My voting page is here.

This years Irish blog awards is Lucky enough to be sponsored by Littlewoods Ireland.


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