Vaseline – The Wonder Product!

Vaseline is a type of petroleum jelly used as an ointment and can be used for many different types of beauty needs. Founded in 1870 by Robert Chesebrough, Vaseline has been safely helping skin heal for over 140 years. This effective product works by locking in moisture to protect and help skin heal. Their jelly is triple-purified to be 100% pure. This is how this Big named product started very small and became a world-wide named product and now every 39 seconds a tub of Vaseline Jelly is sold somewhere in the world.

Among its non-medical uses, Vaseline is used to coat the feet of vending machines to keep pests out. People also put it on chickens to prevent frostbite, long distance swimmers coat their bodies in Vaseline, skiers coat their faces and baseball players rub it into their gloves.



Robert Augustus Chesebrough, a 22 year-old British chemist, traveled to Titusville, a small Pennsylvania town where petroleum had recently been discovered. Chesebrough, who had been making kerosene from the oil of sperm whales, was eager to learn what other products could be made from petroleum. Shortly after arriving in Titusville he became intrigued by a naturally-occurring byproduct of the oil drilling process that seemed to have remarkable skin-healing properties. While watching the oilmen, Chesebrough took note of how they would smear their skin with the residue from the drill to help heal their cuts and burns. Inspired, Chesebrough began his quest to help heal America’s dry skin.


A true scientist, Chesebrough spent over a decade perfecting his extraction and purification process before introducing his “Wonder Jelly” to the American public on a larger scale. Confident that his product would appeal to the medical industry after seeing firsthand how safe and pure it was for many different uses, Chesebrough opened a factory in Brooklyn, NY in 1870.
At the same time, Chesebrough traveled around the state of New York in a horse and cart, spreading the word about his “miracle” product by demonstrating on himself – burning his skin with acid or an open flame and then spreading the clear jelly on his injury, showing at the same time past injuries that had healed with the aid of his protective jelly. Don’t try this at home!


Though “Wonder Jelly” had a nice ring to it, in 1872, Chesebrough registered the jelly as “Vaseline,” which is believed to be derived from a combination of the German word for water, wasser, and the Greek word for oil, oleon. The new name appeared to work! By 1874, only two years after its branding, Vaseline® Jelly was being sold across the U.S. at the rate of a jar a minute. That’s over 1,400 jars a day!


People began to discover the many safe and diverse uses of pure Vaseline® Jelly and soon, it was in almost every medicine cabinet in America. New mothers used it for their babies’ diaper rash, while professionals working in extreme cold weather used it to relieve dry, chapped skin. However, with success comes imitation. Imitation petroleum jellies began popping up across the U.S. To ensure that consumers were using only the best and most purified jelly, Chesebrough launched the iconic Blue Seal to mark authentic and original products. Today, the blue seal remains on all Vaseline® moisturizing products, like their lotions, because they are the only line of lotions that contain the original, triple-purified Vaseline® Jelly.


Vaseline® Jelly spread from continent to continent where it was relied upon by “real folks” as the safest and purest option to heal and moisturize. To accommodate this rapid expansion, Chesebrough moved U.S. manufacturing to Perth Amboy, NJ and opened factories in Europe, Canada and Africa. Sir Robert Chesebrough retired as the president of his company in 1908.



Only a year later, Vaseline® Jelly played an integral role on what is thought to be the first successful expedition to the North Pole with Commander Robert Peary. The explorer took a jar with him to keep his skin safe and healed because he knew Vaseline® Jelly wouldn’t freeze.


Sir Robert Chesebrough passed away at the age of 96.That’s 25 years longer than the average life expectancy of 61.7 years in the U.S. at that time. rom the earliest days of his experimentation, Robert Chesebrough never missed eating a daily spoonful of Vaseline. He also instructed the nurse during an attack of pleurisy to give him whole-body rubdowns with Vaseline. Maybe this is why he lived to be 96!


Vaseline launched Vaseline® Intensive Care Lotion, which quickly became a success. The release was paired with one of the brand’s earliest promotions, The Dry Leaf Campaign. The ads, which aired on TV and were published in print showed a very dry leaf being revitalized by the lotion, highlighting the need to heal and protect skin, rather than just beautify it.

Here are some tricks that you can use Vaseline for, They may surprise you. I know some of them where surprising to me!

Keep perfume from fading. Rub Vaseline on your wrists and behind your ears to make your perfume last longer.

Soothe dry heels. Summer time see’s the skin on your feet super dry and flaky. Put Vaseline on your feet before you go to bed, and cover with your socks. You’ll wake up the next day with super soft feet.

Perfect your manicure.  Spread a little on the Line of your nails with before you paint them. This will keep your polish from spreading outside your nail.

Make your legs glow. Mix the Vaseline with your liquid bronzer and spread on your legs for a shiny, glow look.

Highlight your eyelids and cheeks. Using a bit is a affordable way to get the dewy look when you don’t have a highlighter handy. Dab it on your brow bones, lids, or the apples of your cheeks.

Get thicker-looking lashes. You don’t even need mascara to get lush lashes. Apply a little Vaseline to your lash line for a voluminous look. Tame your brows. Keep unruly eyebrows in place by smoothing Vaseline over your arches.

Keep nail polish lids from drying shut. It will make it so easy opening next time you use it.

I Found these interesting facts on the Vaseline Website! You can also take a look at the many different ranges they sell world-wide.

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