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James Patterson’s ‘Maximum Ride’ Books to Be a Series on YouTube

Maximum Ride is a young adult book series. The series is centered around the adventures of Maximum “Max” Ride and five other characters after their escape from the lab facility known as The School. Their group is labeled the Flock, reminiscent of the fact that each of the main characters are avian-human hybrids. They are only 98% human, while the other 2% is avian, giving them wings. This is a result from the Flock’s past involvement with The School.

Collective Digital Studio has optioned the rights to James Patterson’s young adult franchise “Maximum Ride” and plans to adapt it into a web series. Collective Digital Studio, a production company and multichannel network with nearly 700 YouTube channels, is planning an initial batch of six to 10 episodes that will run at 10 to 15 minutes each.

A feature film adaptation of “Maximum Ride” was planned at Columbia Pictures in 2008, and then moved to Universal Pictures, but has not got past the script phase  as of yet.

With the movie nowhere close to production, CDS’ Gary Binkow approached Patterson about making something for the series’ youthful and engaged online fans. The books have inspired thousands of YouTube videos, and Patterson previously told USA Today his books were ripe for some kind of adaptation because they are so visual.

Collective Digital Studio, said production on the series was set to begin later this year or early next year. The company is aiming to have the first episodes online in the spring of 2015.

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