Half Bad by Sally Green


Half Bad was released March 2014, But everyone has been talking about it long before then. It is the first book in a trilogy.  Half Bad is a young adult fantasy novel by debut author Sally Green.

Half Bad is set in modern-day England. Witches and Humans live together. There are the Black Witches and the White Witches. The 16-year-old protagonist, Nathan is half-white and half-black. His mother is dead, and his father is the most powerful and the cruelest Black Witch in the world. Trapped in a cage and abused, Nathan has to escape before his seventeenth birthday, when he will receive three gifts from his father and his magical ability. Otherwise, he will die.

Even before publication people drew comparisons to The Hunger Games, Harry Potter or the Twilight series. Half Bad has also been compared to Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. Additionally, Half Bad has already broken two Guinness World Records as the most translated book – and the most translated children’s book – by a debut author before publication.

A book about witches with no owls and not a pair of round spectacles in sight. The new Hunger Games, I suspect… Brilliant and utterly compelling – I loved it’ – The Times

‘A pacey supernatural thriller – imagine a dark-as-hell Harry Potter meeting the Bourne Identity’ – SFX Magasine

Edgy, arresting and brilliantly written, HALF BAD grips you from the first page and doesn’t let go’ – Michael Grant (author of Gone)

‘A Bewitching New Anti-Hero’ – Wall Street Journal

Highly entertaining and dangerously addictive.’ – TIME magazine


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