Its Festival Time – Suncreen and Wellies


Its Festival time people and we might just be witnessing something that NEVER happens in Ireland a summer where we are actually getting festival weather  – unlike most years when you feel like you are standing under a tornedo while your fingers become so wizened that your touch screen phone wont respond.  There is nothing quite as magical as listening to your favorite bands play while the sun is shining down.  We are delighted that the sun is shining and we have a few more tips that will help you get over festival season.

First tip is possibly the most important one : stick with your friends, even if they are melting your head after half an hour STICK WITH THEM.  It is so easy to loose a human person in a massive crowd even if they were beside you a second ago.  When you arrive at the site arrange a designated meeting spot (and not in front of a fast food outlet cause they possibly have multiple locations around the site) maybe at the merchandise stand or behind a specific speaker deck.  I know you will have your phones with you but you can not rely on them because (a) you will probably have no coverage, (b) you might run out of battery power or (c) chances are the gobshite that you lost will have left their phone in your bag or some other mishap.   Having a meeting spot also sounds very organised so its a great reassurance to parents who don’t want you to go to the festival.

The port a loos are the worst thing about a festival you will need a few things to survive (a) baby wipes (b) hand sanatizer and if they get especially fragrant (c) vicks to put up your nose  (think like Silence of the Lambs) – yep the port a loos smell worse than an autopsy.

Clothes wise think cross body bag with plenty of layers that you can tie around your waist.  Bandannas are good to cover dirty hair.

Don’t bring anything you would be upset about loosing.

Its ok for your shower to be baby wipes and your shampoo to be dry shampoo.

If your camping do not EVER camp beside the toilets – it might see like a good spot near a path but at best you will have to but up with a horrible smell and at worse somebody could mistake your tent for the toilet and you will be stuck with a pee tent for the duration (true story).

Dont camp beside a path either – seems like it will be easy for you to find your tent but it will also make it very easy for people on the way home to fall onto your tent.  Your best bet is to hang a flag out of your tent with an identifiable mark on it something that will be seen in the distance and in the dark.

If its looking like rain wear wellies – just go ahead and do it.

Do not wear silly shoes  – if you cant stand in your bedroom your chances of traipsing around a field in them will be minimal to broken ankle.   So just don’t do it.

shoes in mud

Bring some sunscreen – they have great stick suncreen’s available that are only slightly bigger than lip balm size. I know sunscreen and wellies but that’s an Irish Summer for you.

If your being picked up and it is raining it might be a good idea to leave a change of clothes in the car and a black plastic sack for those wellies.

Have a plan of what acts you want to see. If you don’t want to miss an act make sure you hit the toilets in between acts.  Give yourself time to get between stages to visit other acts  – sites can be huge.

There are pros and cons to having a hat: Pros: you can get really cool ones that are not very expensive, they keep the sun off your head, they keep the rain off your head, it will keep you warm in the evening, it will make it easier for your friends to find you. Cons: the short person behind you has every right (its Festival law ….. or something) to rip the hat off your head and throw it to the crowd.

That mud (and lets all pray there is no mud) is not just muck and water, and while its great fun playing in it have a little think about it. Yep your playing in pee.

Bring snacks – no you don’t need to bring a picnic there are plenty of food stands but its no harm having a bottle of water and a bar in your bag.

Bring extra bottle tops with you – it may sound incredibly weird but most concerts these days take the tops off bottles so if your bouncing up and down or moving around it can get all over you. Bring your own bottle top and your covered. Simples

Most of all remember that Festivals and Concerts are about having fun and enjoying the music – go forth, conquer but most of all make some memories.

If you have any of your own tips feel free to share in the comments.


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