Be Sun Smart (Even if the Sun is a bit hit and miss)

So we are probably going to have a typical Irish summer which will probably have more rain than sun.   Most of us are beginning to think that the Sun has gone into some form of witness protection (there have been sightings of the sun around various parts of Europe although it seems to be avoiding Ireland after previous crimes against the Casper skinned).  As a sun deprived nation we tend to go a bit bonkers when the rain clouds disperse.  And this can result in some very pink and hurty looking flesh – which for voyeur can be hilarious but for half cremated it can be very painful and can have long term effects besides the embarrassing Facebook pictures.


So while our instincts might be telling us to lap up every bit of sun there is its important to be aware of the risks, the worst risk of course being skin cancer.   It’s important to understand that it’s not just the sun worshipers who are at risk from skin cancer, its everybody who spends time outdoors but the following need to take more care:

  • Pale or freckled skin that does not tan or burns before it tans
  • Naturally red or fair hair
  • Blue, green or grey eyes
  • A large number of moles (50 or more)
  • A history of sunburn
  • Already had skin cancer
  • A close family member who has or had skin cancer
  • Ever used a sunbed

Even if your skin type is brown or black, which makes it less likely to burn, it can still receive enough UV damage to increase your risk of skin cancer, these cases are mostly on areas of the skin that may not often be exposed to direct sunlight like the souls of the feet or the palms of the hand.

Don’t be thinking that sunbeds are a safer option they are not, if you first use a sunbed before you were 30 years of age, your risk of getting melanoma is increased by 75%.  Nine out of every ten cases of skin cancer are caused by UV rays from the sun or sunbeds.  Your basically paying money for your skin to be damaged and destroyed


Ok so lets not freak out the good news is that with early detection up to 90% of cases of skin cancer are curable and of course we can help prevent cases by wearing a sunscreen with a SPF 15 or higher, keeping out of the sun between 12 and 3 when the sun is at its strongest.

All that being said there is no denying that a lot of us feel better with a healthy glow but there is no reason to risk especially when there are such affordable fake tans on the market.   Ireland own Marissa Carter was so obsessed with fake tan she decided to develop her own (Cocoa Brown) which is not only affordable at €7.99 but is also suitable for sensitive skin.  Cocoa Brown develops in 1 to 3 hours (depending on how deep you want your tan) is an easy to apply mousse which doesn’t have the distinctive and disgusting fake tan smell. Our advice would be to embrace the pale or  fake it until you make it.


Besides the suns rays causing cancer it can also be very ageing on the skin, I know it probably seems like getting old is ages away but most of all the groundwork of sun damaged is already done by the time you reach 20.  Scary.  Magda below is the picture of youth and vitality and she is only 25 (just kidding)


Protecting yourself in the sun can be a great excuse to get a hat (Penneys have great hats for a fiver) which look great and protect your face and ears from the sun. But we warned if you wear a hat at a concert or festival it may be liberated from your head.

Enjoy the sun but be Sun Smart


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