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Up and Coming New Bands from Dublin

The Hot Sprockets


The Hot Sprockets hail from the delta blues Mecca that is…Dublin. They are five friends who came together with a shared love of Rock N’ Roll music…The kind of Rock N’ Roll music that is haunted by the ghost of country and blues.

Their music has been used on everything from Bulmers ad campaigns to BBC’s comedy “Fresh”, Irish film “Stitches” and RTE’s “RAW”. The band recently beat off 1000’s of bands to make it to the Hotpress “Play on the Day” final and got to grace the cover of Hotpress magazine.

Their kind of Rock N’ Roll music is haunted by the ghost of country and blues – take the good-time revolutionary spirit of MC5, simmer it down to the sounds of Crosby Stills Nash and Young, add some rough-edged Eagles of Death Metal and you are somewhere near the sonic nugget that is The Hot Sprockets.

The Hot Sprockets are living up to their early promise and stunning debut album (Honey Skippin’) by recording a mighty (yet unnamed) second album which is described as an album “to be listened to in the spirit in which it was made”. This album was recorded in Grouse Lodge, Windmill lane & Orphan Studios; it was produced by Gavin Glass and mixed by Declan Gaffney (U2) & Dougal Lott (Ray Davies).

Island Life


Island Life are a five piece band based in Dublin and is a
combination of old friendships and new arrivals to Dublin’s music
scene. Although Island Life initially formed in 2010 it wasn’t until
the band met Argentinean vocalist and frontman Mariano Romeu in the
summer of 2012 that the line-up really felt complete.

Having recently left Buenos Aires seeking new musical projects, Mariano found in
Island Life a group of musicians with ambitions that matched his own,
and who are just as eager to create their own unique sound. Island
Life draw on influences such as The Maccabees, LCD Soundsystem, David
Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and Talking Heads amongst others.

Island Life began gigging in Dublin in December 2012 and have been receiving an
incredible reaction to their sets. U & I Music Magazine gave a
glowing review of a gig recently at the Mercantile here:

In January 2013 Island Life recorded a four song set for a live video
and audio project with Creamy Sonic Studios, Dublin, links to which
are below.

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