Shadow Falls Series By C.C. Hunter

I fell in love with C.C. Hunter when I read her Adult books and when I realised she penned as C.C. Hunter, I downloaded her Shadow Falls books and dove right in. Not only did I dive in but I also got my sister the books and got her addicted as well. Nothing better then finding a great author but also getting someone else into that author as well brings a smile to my face.

 Her first book in the series is called “Born At Midnight” Where you meet 16 year-old teen Kylie Galen, The Series Revolves around Kylie, who is sent to ShadowsFalls by her mother. When she gets there she realizes that it is not a camp for troubled teens as she’s told, but a camp for supernatural teens: vampires, werewolves, fairies, shape-shifters, and witches. But does she belong here? She then goes on a quest to find out what she herself is and to discover her family history. She doesn’t realize what she is and how important and rare she is. One thing that annoyed me was how often Kylie cries ek she’s no Katniss I tell you!

 She’s also got a love triangle going out between Derek and Lucan.

 Derek is a half-fae with power to sense/control emotions, erase memories, dreamscape and communicate with animals. Because his father left him at an early age, he formed a deep dislike to his hereditary powers. In the beginning of Born at Midnight, he attends Shadow Falls Camp solely to learn how to give up these abilities, but when he uses them to save the camp and Kylie, he finally learns the benefits of having them and openly embraces them.

 Lucas is the other of Kylie’s love interests. He is a stubborn and possessive werewolf, who shares a secret past with Kylie. They first met when they were children, but Lucas had had a relentless affection towards her since then. They never saw each other again until 11 years later, when they reunite at Shadow Falls Camp.

The one thing she knows for certain is that she belongs at shadow falls and will try her best to convince her mother of this.

If your looking for a new series to dive into and have some time on your hand grab a copy of the first Shadow Fall series And prepare yourself to not want to put them down till you get to the end. All the shadow falls books are available at South Dublin Libraries You can res online or call into us.

 Born at Midnight

Awake at Dawn

Taken at Dusk

Whispers at Moonrise

Chosen at Nightfall – Release date 30thApril 2013

Turned at Dark – (A Shadow Falls Short Story) available online as an E-book

A side-story, Saved at Sunrise, will be released on April 2nd, 2013.



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