Book-O-Vision:Books on Screen in 2013!!!!

A new year is such an exciting prospect for the movie lover.  A whole new bunch of great movies to be looked forward to and enjoyed.  This year promises a bumper crop of great book adaptations.  YAPS is happy to admit that a lot of time this year will be spent warming up the cinema seat, scarfing popcorn and slurping fizzy drinks.  One of life’s great pleasures is the moment when the lights dim and the screen comes to life.

So fellow movie lovers, what does 2013 have to offer the wonderful, fabulous and just plain fantabulous teen reader?

Let’s start with one of the current most popular genres “Paranormal Romance”.

Here we have a true glut of delights waiting for us.  The year starts with the zom-rom-com “Warm Bodies” based on the novel by Marion Isaac.  On the more serious end we have “Beautiful Creatures” (Kami Garcia), The Host (Stephenie Meyer) and “City of Bones” (Cassandra Clare).  All promise to be a total blast of things that go bump in the night, romance and truly beautiful people. Yum!

Moving on to a little bit of fantasy.  Here we have 2 huge players.  Have fun with hobbits and dwarves in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” (Tolkien) or take on the man in “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (Suzanne Collins).  YAPS has also noticed a couple of less well known figures in the literary fantasy franchise market.  Percy Jackson returns in “Sea of Monsters” (Rick Riordan) and we join the Spook series by Joseph Delaney for its opening episode “Seventh Son”.

The truly big players this year are the super heroes.  This summer promises to be chock full of them.  YAPS is a humongous comics fan and just can not wait for any of these!  “Iron Man 3” blasts into cinemas in April to star us off on our roller coaster ride.  Superman gets a reboot in “Man of Steel” one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year.  After a lackluster kick off Wolverine returns with the slightly boringly titled “The Wolverine”.  Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl return for more fun in Kick-Ass 2.   Finally Thor crashes his hammer down in November for “Thor2: The dark World”.

A couple of final mentions for a new take on Romeo and Juliette (October) and an adaptation of the sci-fi novel “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card.

So, that gives you all something to look forward to.  Hmmm….now YAPS has to go and read the books to prepare!

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