Bin it Your Way!

You know that awful feeling when you try to lift your foot and it sticks to the ground?  Ewwww! You have gum stuck to your shoe.  How about when you are sitting at a lovely restaurant table or just a nice new desk and you suddenly find a little hard lump of pre-chewed gum?  Bleargh!

Who would have thought when chewing gum was invented by Thomas Adams in the mid 1800s (the first chewing gum sold commercially was by John.B.Curtis in 1848) that it would become one of the biggest litter problems of the 21st century! I bet when chewing gum really became popular in mid 20th century America nobody worried about the sticky gum issues.

So to make disposing of your chewing gum more fun The Gum Litter Awareness campaign, run by the Gum Litter Taskforce (GLT) in association with South Dublin County Council have come up with the “Bin it Your Way” campaign. It features a series of professionally choreographed and highly innovative dance moves which communicate the responsible disposal of litter in an engaging way.

Check out the “Bin it Your Way” website.  Here you can find some amazing dance moves that can help you bin your gum.  You can even invent your own moves for binning your gum.  Just have a friend film you dancing your bin move and submit it through the “Bin it Now” website.  Prizes are given out for the best moves every month!

Which move do you prefer? Why not let us know.


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