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Eve By Anna Carey

Eve By Anna Carey


Sixteen years after a deadly virus wiped out most of Earth’s population, the world is a perilous place. Eighteen-year-old Eve has never been beyond the heavily guarded perimeter of her school, where she and two hundred other orphaned girls have been promised a future as the teachers and artists of the New America. But the night before graduation, Eve learns the shocking truth about her school’s real purpose—and the horrifying fate that awaits her.
Fleeing the only home she’s ever known, Eve sets off on a long, treacherous journey, searching for a place she can survive. Along the way she encounters Arden, her former rival from school, and Caleb, a rough, rebellious boy living in the wild. Separated from men her whole life, Eve has been taught to fear them, but Caleb slowly wins her trust . . . and her heart. He promises to protect her, but when soldiers begin hunting them, Eve must choose between true love and her life.
In this epic new series, Anna Carey imagines a future that is both beautiful and terrifying. Readers will revel in Eve’s timeless story of forbidden love and extraordinary adventure. 

My Review

“Loving someone meant knowing that your life would be worse without them in it.”

This is a Fantastic description Eve has of what love means, its one of the best I have read ever. Through this book we’re shown what a person will to do or risk for someone they love.

I fell in love with eve from the second I found out what was in the building across the river and what really happens after her class of all girls graduate. I’m going to be very careful here and try not to give to much away, although I have to say I’m about to burst with the information. The cover is powerful and really made me pick the book up in the first place. The cover has a girl fleeing over a deserted bridge, And when you finish the book you realise its very similar to a scene within the book.

When Eve goes on the run from the confines of her school and from the horrible reality that awaits her, all of the lies that she has been taught by the government begin to come to the surface. Eve is living in a time where there is a dictatorship in place that has one goal in mind, to repopulate the earth after a virus kills the majority of the population. Eve is not managing to great on the run and then along come Caleb.

 At first I wasn’t to sure about Caleb’s intentions and wasn’t to sure I trusted him, but as it went along I realised his intentions were sincere and he had some pretty amazing morals and a history that rivals Eves. There were moments when I thought a love triangle was possible, but it never happened and yet there was enough tension to make that relationship brilliant. And I’m pretty glad in the end that she didn’t go there. This book is not lovey dovey but it does tell a love story within a gripping Adventure story.

 I was not sure where Caleb and Eve were heading with each other for the majority of the book and just when I thought that I had the end figured out, I found out that I was completely wrong. I loved being left until the very end to find out the outcome and to fully understand what a special story Eve by Anna Carey really is. I was so completely emerged in the story that I was moved to tears at an ending that came as not only a surprise, but was the total package in sharing a love that is unexpected, unconditional and truly amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on the second instalment which is called “Once” and is out this month.


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