Christopher Paolini @ Dublin Writer’s Festival


Christopeher Paolini, writer of the bestselling “Inheritance” cycle is coming to the Dublin Writer’s festival!

Not so long ago, Eragon – the Dragon Rider – was nothing more than a farm boy. Now, the fate of an entire civilisation rests on his shoulders… Christopher Paolini’s stratospheric success story is almost as outlandish as the epic teenage fantasy series that brought him fame and fortune. Christopher grew up in the jagged Beartooth Mountains of Paradise Valley, Montana. He produced the first draft of the self-published Eragon at the tender age of 15. By 19 he had secured a major publishing deal and Eragon had become a fantasy fiction phenomenon, bursting onto the New York Times bestseller list. Two sequels – Eldest (2005) and Brisingr (2008) followed, upping the stakes of this Tolkien-esque saga and expanding the imaginative realm of the author’s fictional Alagaesia. Together the first three instalments have sold over 25 million copies worldwide. Now the Inheritance cycle comes to a breathtaking conclusion as its dragon-riding hero embarks on his final quest – to vanquish the evil King Galbatorix and bring justice to Alagaesia.

 This event is presented at Liberty Hall on Thursday June 7 at 6pm. The tickets are €5 each and there will be a question and answer session and book signing following the event.

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