The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Have you read it? Do you want to read it? Do you believe the hype about and around it? Well it took me a long time to actually open the book. In fact I had managed to get my friend and boyfriend to read it first. I just thought this book is not going to be for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong and yes I will admit that to the world. I picked it up on Friday and even though it was a very busy weekend I had finished it by Monday. Now before we go any further there will be spoilers through out this post just pre warning you now. This is the First book in a trilogy and was published in 2008. She went on with her second one “Catching Fire” in 2009 and the Third and Final installment “Mockingjay” 2010.

We are introduced to Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is a 16 Year old who is from a post-apocalyptic world in a country called Panem. Panem is where the country of North America once was. The Capitol, a highly advanced metropolis holds absolute power over the rest of the nation. One boy and one girl through a lottery from each district are picked to fight to the death on live television to remind the twelve, formerly thirteen, districts that the Capitol is the ruler of Panem.

Primrose Everdeen’s name is called out and Katniss takes her place. The Boys name that is called it Peeta Mallark. Peeta is a baker’s son and Katniss has known him since she was a young girl. Peeta had given her burnt bread when her family was starving to death and Katniss has always felt she has owed him for this.

Through out the games which are described fairly graphically, the fate of certain contestants is not for the feint of heart and Katniss is never sure of whom her friends are in and out of the arena. The plot twists and turns more than can realistically be expected of a novel of this type and it all builds towards a climax that leaves you wanting more

I won’t give anything else away. This original thriller is sometimes bizarrely plotted but never dull and seldom presents the reader with any easy options as regards its outcome. Part Twilight, Part Running Man but mainly part Running man.

I will go into the movie next week hoping and wishing that Suzanne Collins herself does the book proud. She has co-written and co-produced The Hunger Games and it was directed by Gary Ross. Katniss is being played by Jennifer Lawrence. Peeta is being played by Josh Hutcherson and Gale is being played by Liam Hemsworth. Will I be disappointed with the film? Probably but I’ll still give it a go.



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