South Dublin Libraries presents…….

DIVE IN: Totally Teen Festival , 18-21st November for ages 13-19.


Friday 18th November, County Library Tallaght @ 10am. Class visit, schools can contact library at 01-4620073.

Eagerly awaiting the release of the final instalment of the Avatar Trilogy?

Celebrating the recent publication of Edda, Conor Kostick will visit the County Library to meet students from local schools.  connor is the author of several successful books including Epic, Saga, Move, as well as The Book of Curses for younger readers.  he lives in Dublin where he teaches medieval history at Trinity College.  In 2009, Conor was the recipient of a Special Merit Award at the Reading Association of Ireland Awards for his book Move, and for his contribution to science-fiction writing in Ireland.  he has achieved international success with Epic and Saga.


Friday 18th November, County Library Tallaght @ 12 noon.  Class visit, schools can contact library at 01-4620073

Have you been lost in the world of Wynter, Razi and Christopher?  If so, come along to meet Celine Kiernan, the author of the award winning and critically acclaimed The Moorehawke Trilogy, a dark, complex trilogy of fantasy young adult books set in an alternative renaissance Europe.  Celine’s fourth book, Into the Grey-a young adult ghost story set in 1970’s Ireland-has just been published.


Saturday 19th November, County Library Tallaght @ 2.30pm-4.30pm. Age 13-19.  Free but booking essential, phone 01-4620073

Do you want to see your story come to life on the big screen? Well if this is where your ambition lies come along to this workshop where you’ll learn what makes a screen story differnet and the tips and tricks for writing a winning screenplay.  This workshop is really great for any aspiring screenwriters.  Give it a go- then enter your completed work in the NOISE Flicks screenwriting competition for NOISE Flicks 2012.

Vinny Murphy has worked as a writer, director, actor and composer for film, TV and theatre.  He has acted in more than 40 films, directed 11, and composed music for more than 15 titles.  He directed and co-wrote the critically acclaimed 1999 feature Accelerator.  In 2001, Vinny was awarded the UIP/FMI Best Director prize.  Recent features include The Disturbed by Conor McMahon and Joseph Delond’s award-winning Bitterness.


Saturday 19th November, County Library Tallaght @12 noon-2.00pm. Transition Year Students. Free but booking essentail, phone 01-4620073.

Have you a winning way with words? Work your words into a frenzy at the workshop – then set them loose at a huge Poetry Slam!

Workshops will take place on Wednesday 16th november as follows: 9.15am-10.45am Lucan Library, 11.30am-1pm Clondalkin Library, 2pm-3.30pm County Library Tallaght.  Poetry Slam kicks off at 12noon on Saturday 19th november.

Colm Keegan is the current All Ireland Slam Poetry Champion.  He has been short-listed for the Sunday Tribune’s Hennessy X.O Literary Awards four times.  he co-runs Nighthawks at the Cobalt Cafe and appears regularly as a poetry reviewer and contributer to Arena on RTE Radio 1.  His first collection Don’t Go There will be published by Salmon in 2012. Colm lives in Clondalkin.


Saturday 19th november, County Library Tallaght@ 11.30am-1.30pm.  Age 13-19. Free but booking essential, call 01-4620073.

Ever read a story, play or poem and thought- “I could do better than that!”  Well now’s your chance.  Join popular author Claire Hennessy at her Creative writing workshop and see just how good you are.  Book early as places will fill up fast.

Claire Hennessy is the author of several teenage books including her first, Dear Diary.  Claire is currently working on her 10th novel.  She likes drinking tea (milk, no sugar), reading books (and occasionally reviewing them), children’s and young adult fiction, history, feminism, gifted education, yoga, TV shows on DVD, musicals, comedy, chocolate, and reading books (so much so that it necessitates a second mention).  You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.


Saturday 19th November, Rua Red County Arts Centre Tallaght @ 10am-4pm. Age 13-19.   Free but booking essential, phone 01-4620073

Learn  how to create comics from concept to the printed page in this one day intensive workshop with comic artist and writer Maeve Clancy.  In the first half of the day, participants will write a simple story, design characters, illustrate backgrounds and format the work into a comic.  From these paper workings, the afternoon will involve scanning, digital colouring and the addition of text and speech bubbles at the Apple Mac Lab in Rua Red.  Each participant leaves with a printout of their comic and a digital version which they can print, email or post on their Facebook and Bebo pages.

Maeve Clancy is a Dublin-based artist and writer. She produces comics, illustration and animation in a variety of ways including cut paper, paint and pop-up.  A selection of episodes from her weekly comic Flatmates were published as part of the sequences series by the Verbal Arts Centre 2D Comics festival in 2010.  She is currently working on Inheritance, a graphic novel set in Dublin and Berlin.  Her recent travelogue A Hibernian in Hellas detailed her experiences in Greece in the summer of 2011.


Saturday 19th November, County Library Tallaght @ 2.30pm – 4pm. Age 13-19. Free but booking essential, phone 01-4620073

Are you ready to play?  Think you can play hard against our Celebrity Guests at Wii Sports or Guitar hero?  If you think you’ve got waht it takes then may the best player win….!


Monday 21st November, County Library Tallaght. Age 13-19. Class visit, schools can contact library at 01-4620073

Enrol now for a spoof lecture on the real science behind the undead.  Certified by the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies (ZITS) Theoretical Zombologist, Doctor Austin teaches how a zombie outbreak might occur, its effect on humans and, importantly, how to stop it.


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