Interview: 10 Minutes with Ally Carter

Ally Carter, author of the Gallagher Girls series will be visiting Clondalkin Library on Thursday 15th September at 12.30.

To celebrate her visit YAPS asked Ally a few questions.

Who is your favourite author?

My favorite book of all time is TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, so Harper Lee would have to be high on the list.  I’m also a huge fan of contemporary authors like Rick Riordan, JK Rowling, and theUK’s own Sarah Rees Brennan.

 What books did you read as a teenager?

I was actually a very reluctant reader when I was a teen.  It took me a long time to find a book I liked, but once I found it I would absolutely devour it.  The first author I ever remember loving was SE Hinton.  THE OUTSIDERS had a tremendous impact on me.

 What is the first thing you remember writing?

 I remember writing an essay for a history class when I was in the eighth grade that I thought was quite good.  In hindsight, I’m sure I was probably far too high on it, but that gave me a lot of confidence and helped develop my interest.

 What advice would you give to future authors?

It’s incredibly important that inspiring authors know that writing is work.  Writing well is A LOT of work.  Never judge your first drafts against a finished book.  Just keep working and writing and, most importantly, rewriting until your book is as strong as it can possibly be.  This is something that takes time, so patience is essential.

 If you didn’t write books, what job would you do?

For many years I worked for a university doing adult education for farmers and ranchers.  If I were not writing, then I feel certain I would probably still be working in that field.

 What is your favourite film?

 I absolutely love movies, and have many, many favorites, but if I had to pick one I would probably choose ROMAN HOLIDAY—it’s a classic in every sense of the word.

 What is your favourite sport/team?

I don’t follow professional sports very much, but I do supporting the college I attended,OklahomaStateUniversity, in all of the sports they participate in, especially basketball and American football.


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